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Terms Of Service


  • DDevOps will provide ongoing operational support maintenance as described in Service Level Agreement
  • DDevOps will not be responsible for any hardware failure and application bug, any problem related to infrastructure providers or any development issues with application.
  • All Subscription available on monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly basis.
  • Services provided outside of scope of agreement are subject to an additional cost.
  • Major upgrades outside of the scope of agreement are treated as Hourly projects.
  • Changes to services will be communicated and documented in Service Charter Contract.
  • Service will be provided adherence to related policies, processes and procedures.
  • Scheduling requests will be conducted in accordance with service descriptions.
  • Support for non-subscribed servers and services are not included.
  • Backup and security settings are not a 100% guarantee against hardware loss or data corruption, and/or from the compromise application.
  • DDevOps is not responsible for loss and/or corrupted data that may occur when servicing client infrastructure.
  • Technical assistance and best effort is limited to couple of hour of troubleshooting assistance per incident.
  • Any assistance exceeding from 2 hours (per incident) will be notified and billed at hourly rate.



  • DDevOps provide 99.9% guaranteed uptime, in case we unable to deliver guaranteed availability lost time will be refunded back to your account.
  • The Guaranteed uptime is limited to the server availability from infrastructure provider, any planned / unplanned maintenance from either side will be separated from it.
  • Upgrade, migration or any sort of disaster with the application itself will be separated.
  • Find the periods of potential downtime/unavailability associated with guaranteed uptime.


Daily 1m 26.4s
Weekly 10m 4.8s
Monthly 43m 49.7s
Yearly 8h 45m 57.0s

Security Practices

  • DDevOps will configure server to comply with the system Security Standards and best practices, while security practices are meant to reduce the likelihood of hacking and other security compromises, DDevOps cannot guarantee against data loss due to security compromises caused by the application, outdated or vulnerable software.
  • DDevOps will not support servers that do not comply with known standards and policies. Server that fall out of compliance will immediately be unsubscribed from service and cannot be subscribed until policy standards are in place.
  • Servers known to have Restricted Data will only be supported by DDevOps if hosted in the Data Center or comparable secure environment. Departments are ultimately responsible for following standard practices regarding security of Restricted Data. DDevOps can provide technical consultation on implementing security tools for Restricted Data.
  • Clients or their users granted administrative rights to their application are responsible for following recommended security practices. If there is evidence that a machine has been compromised due to given rights, DDevOps reserves the right to revoke or restrict administrative rights from any or all users.
  • Client will make decisions on user access and authorization and will notify DDevOps to add or remove user access as they see fit
  • DDevOps is not responsible for storing passwords for server & application users. DDevOps will never ask a user for their passphrase but assist the user in setting up the password, DDevOps does not store a copy of the password anywhere so this will be the responsibility of the user and client to remember passwords to critical systems or files. DDevOps will assist the user in changing the password to regain access, though this ability may not always be available.
  • A compromised machine or application will immediately be taken offline until DDevOps can assure minimum security standards are met. Actions may include vulnerability scan, erasing and rebuilding machine and/or removing administrative rights.



Backup Retention Policy (Onsite/Offsite)
Daily 7
Weekly 2
Monthly 1
Database (15 days)

 Backup frequency can be increase according to the needs, there will be additional charges for offsite storage and configuration charges for additional backups.


Service Level Agreement

DDevOps provides quality services to their client, maximum productivity backed up by this Service Level Agreement. This is an integral part of agreement, and can be reviewed, revised and support by additional stuff in the contract.

This SLA addressed;

  • The services DDevOps provides to the customer
  • Response times, availability, and maintenance associated with these services
  • Responsibilities of DDevOps as a Managed Service provider for subscription based services.
  • Define scope of service & responsibilities of clients receiving subscription based services.
  • Processes for requesting services along with technical assistance and response time.
  • Review, reporting & other process.

Scope Of Service

DDevOps team of server administrators provides professional management of different servers, including in house infrastructure, dedicated, virtual & cloud environments, supported versions of server software for Linux and Microsoft

Server support subscription includes the following:

  • Provision of server(OS & other software requirements).
  • Deployment and configuration of firewall.
  • Initial setup and configuration of server.
  • Installation and configuration of application along with required packages on server.
  • Monitoring of production applications, running services and server resources.
  • Documentation, configuration, and change log.
  • Maintenance and security update management..
  • Hardware upgrades, vertical/horizontal scaling such as memory, hard drive etc. as support by infrastructure/platform provider.
  • Configuration & maintenance of onsite/offsite Backups and support for related tools.
  • Troubleshooting assistance for ongoing issues, fixing of technical problems, and providing best possible solution.


Managed Services  
Web Server Management X
Database Server Management X
Mail Server and Email Management X
DNS Server and DNS Management X
Backup Server Management X
Control Panel Management X
Infrastructure Support X
Proactive Monitoring X
Support for Linux Platform X
Support For Windows Platform X
Infrastructure & Network Setup X
OS Upgrade and Patches X
Server Security X
Firewall Configuration X
Packages update X
Scaling & Hardware Upgrades X
Data Migration X
Application Migration (one each server) X
Server Provisioning X
Security Patches X
Server Packages X



Data Protection (as per backup policy)  
Backup Configuration X
Users & Permissions X
Ports & Protocols X
Application(s) Data X
Configuration Data X
Databases X
DR Assistance X
Other services  
SSL(HTTPS) Support X
Technical Support X
Security Assistance X
Technology Consultation X
Infrastructure Support X
Technical Correspondence with other providers X
Ecommerce Operations and DDevOps Services
Proxy Servers and Load Balancer Hourly According to Contract
Advanced Web Support (scripts, integration etc) Hourly According to Contract
Third party software installation Hourly According to Contract
Multi-tier Setup and Support Hourly According to Contract
Multi-Environment and Multi-Location setup Hourly According to Contract
Software Support (Including third party) Hourly According to Contract
Custom Server Setup Hourly According to Contract
Application Upgrade Hourly According to Contract
Software Upgrade Hourly According to Contract
Advance Security Assistance & Support Hourly According to Contract
Data Encryption & Tunneling Hourly According to Contract
Technical Documentation and Support Hourly According to Contract
Credential Protection and Password Handling Hourly According to Contract
Dedicated, Virtual, Cloud Setup Hourly According to Contract
Deployment Assistance Hourly According to Contract
Migration and Clone ` Hourly According to Contract
Disaster Recovery and DR Drill Hourly According to Contract
Continuous Integration & Delivery Hourly According to Contract
Custom Configuration & Settings Hourly According to Contract
Replication Setup Hourly According to Contract
Custom & Dedicated Solution Hourly According to Contract
Staffing Solution and Dedicated Resource Hourly According to Contract
Security and System Audits Hourly According to Contract
Additional Backup Configuration Hourly According to Contract
High Availability and Clustering Hourly According to Contract
Testing & Training Hourly According to Contract


X means this services included in the base package of managed services.



There will be two hours daily for DDevOps Services for high level task, any additional hour(s) will charge accordingly. Please check your Ecommerce Operations and DDevOps Services contract for subscribe features & hourly charges, any additional Support/Service will be charged separately on hourly rate.


Services outside of the Scope

Services outside of the scope of this Service Level Agreement are considered optional and will be billed at DDevOps Hourly rate.

These services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Any technical troubleshooting on Server handled by Technical Team.
  • Setup & Configuration of any unsupported services.
  • Installation, configuration and/or troubleshooting of any unsupported software & applications.
  • Vendor assistance for third party tools.

Services can be designed to meet specific business requirements in DDevOps Services. For more information or to setup an appointment to discuss custom management or services outside of scope, please contact
Additionally, DDevOps can provide Technology Consultation to assist different departments in planning for their infrastructure, software, hardware, and security needs.


Backup Liability

  • DDevOps provide automatic scheduled backups on servers that include Configuration, Web files & folders along with databases. On/Off site Backup is recommended with minimum retention policy defined above in chart. DDevOps can support frequent retention policy and alternative backup solutions as per client requirement.
  • Local backup to hard drive may not be sufficient to prevent data loss, backup systems that do not include the saving of an offsite copy are not considered adequate for disaster recovery.
  • Backups does not guarantee that all data can be recovered to its last known state (depends on retention policy). DDevOps commits to protecting the client’s server supported under this SLA from deliberate damage.
  • DDevOps will not be held liable for any hardware damage to equipment owned by the client or infrastructure provider, or for data loss that occurs as a result of accidental actions by personnel either side. If an incident happens, DDevOps commits to providing recovery support as long as the system has some sort of backup. However, backup does not guarantee complete recovery or data restoration to last known state.
  • Each member of DDevOps will be responsible for proactively and reactively protect the information, resources and assets that client has put in trust of DDevOps, including determining when a risk may not be acceptable, and informing the appropriate parties.
  • Each server supported by DDevOps will be evaluated for risk at least once quarterly or on client request. In the event, if any security risk found, DDevOps will notify the client and set up a time to mitigate the risk.

Roles and Responsibilities

DDevOps role & responsibilities in support of this Agreement include:
  • Meeting response times associated with the priority assigned to incidents and service requests.
  • Notifying customer for event, schedule, updates or changes.
  • Implementing defined processes to deliver best possible assistance as per service level agreement.
  • Providing appropriate response to communications with Customer.
  • Providing systems configuration to meet minimum-security standards for subscribed machines.
  • Providing appropriately trained professional & technical staff.
  • Providing secure method to communicate or to make technical request.



  • Availability of customer representative(s) when resolving a service-related incident or request.
  • Submission of requests through appropriate DDevOps contact, chat, email or ticketing system.
  • Payment of license or paid software, tools etc.
  • Prompt payment or provisioning of appropriate services.
  • Providing designated person or department to work with billing & support.
  • Save data in appropriate folders or servers that are being backed up.
  • Purchasing equipment, software or any paid services that may require.
  • Notify DDevOps when users and accounts should be added or removed from server/application.
  • efine their users and require permissions.
  • Provide local admin account or application access to DDevOps (if needed).
  • Allow the installation and configuration of remote assistance software/tools require by staff, that are not prohibited by security restrictions or policies.


Contact Information

These are the two primary methods of contacting DDevOps for technical service requests:

Support Email & Ticketing System

    • Clients will be given a specific department email account to receive the fastest response. All requests for technical assistance must be sent on email to ensure timeliness of response through ticketing system. Helpdesk can be used directly to view status of your request, statistics and ticket history.
    • The following methods can also be used for additional information, escalation of service requests, and inquiries for items outside the scope of this SLA.


    • Customers call or contact on Chat and/or Chat group provided to them for service inquiries. Dedicated Skype contacts are available in DDevOps Services during normal hours of operation, Monday to Friday. Messages left after normal business hours will be processed to next business day.

Account Owner

    • Customers having Ecommerce Operation or DDevOps Services contact their account owner anytime, email address of your account owner will be provided with the contract.

DDevOps Management

    • Customers can contact DDevOps Management ( at any time during regular business hours to escalate requests, inquire about services, make complain, billing issues or discuss expectations.

Emergency Contact

    • DDevOps also provide an Emergency contact (phone number), that can only be used for urgent matters to address as stated in your contract.

Email Support for Non-Subscribers

  • Non-Subscribers can contact us through website or email us at (requests will be processed during regular business hours, Monday to Friday).

Operations Hours, Response Times & Escalation

Operations Hours

    • DDevOps hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. GMT, Monday to Friday except Federal holidays. Requests via email can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be processed accordingly.
    • Technical Support and Emergency response team always available to address technical issues and urgent matter as defined in SLA/Contract.

Incident Response time

  • Incident response times may vary according to the type of request made by client.
  • Urgent incident means any interruption in the normal functioning of a services, system or application that result into downtime.











Category Initial Response Time Initiation of Support
Urgent 0-30 minutes 0-1 hours
High 1 hours 1-2 hours
Normal 3 hours 3-6 hours / Support Contract / Scheduled
Planned 4-8 hours Scheduled between Customer and DDevOps
    • DDevOps will reserve the right to prioritize incoming requests or set/change priority of ticket accordingly.
    • Technical requests (Normal/Planned) made by a customer toDDevOps for a service will be processed during normal business hours.
    • 24/7 emergency response team will handle urgent request/incident. 
    • DDevOps normal response to requests within 3 to 6 business hours of receipt. Sometime you may have faster response times, depend on number of request in queue. Please refer to the Service Catalog for individual response times based on severity of an issue and types of contract or purchased service.


  • If you are not satisfied with the level of service on a request, contact Head of Dept. at Escalation requests will categorized, processed as appropriate and will be responded with the action taken.

Planned/Unplanned Maintenance & Service Changes

    • The Change Management process within DDevOps minimizes unintended service disruptions or other impacts to the customer as a result of changes in the production environment. DDevOps does this by monitoring, managing, and evaluating changes to maximize the service benefits to the customer, while minimizing the risks involved in making those changes.
    • All related services, maintenances, and outages are published or informed before its scheduled.

Planned Maintenance

    • Planned service maintenance is approved work that is planned and scheduled prior to the change. DDevOps will communicate (as needed) to the appropriate audience prior to the scheduled change.

Unplanned Maintenance

    • Unplanned service maintenance is priority work that is unplanned due to some incident that require urgent repair to prevent failure. Unplanned service outages will be handle top priority (and communicated immediately) on a case-by-case basis depending on the type and urgency of the service failure.

Emergency Service Change

  • An emergency service change is defined as a service failure that affects or will affect entire system or significant number of users that requires immediate repair. All emergency service changes are communicated to the appropriate DDevOps contacts to determine necessary communication steps. Emergency service announcements are communicated at the time of service changes.

Service Subscription & Charges

  • DDevOps will bill monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually for services rendered. DDevOps will continue to bill unless notified by the customer of changes in subscription status. All subscriptions will start on the first of the month and end on the last day of the month.
  • Customers are responsible for the costs of the required licenses for their license softwares, infrastructure bill or other related services that need to be renewed.
  • If cost changes may occur any time during the fiscal year. Notice of rate change fees will be communicated 30 days before the effective date.
  • Customers may terminate the service at any time before the end of billing cycle. No refunds will be issued for unused service.
  • Any billing questions should be redirected to


Termination of Service

  • Customers may terminate the service at any time without charge on advance notice before the end of billing cycle. Notice of Service Termination received by customers will be processed accordingly and DDevOps will remove all access accounts to the client machine before the next billing date
  • DDevOps reserve the right to terminate any service if it result into violation of service level agreement or against acceptable use policy of DDevOps, Infrastructure provider, hosted region or country.
  • No refunds will be issued for unused service period.

Review & Revision

  • This SLA covers current fiscal year that could be revised at the end of this period or this agreement could be reviewed as needed. DDevOps responsible for the content of this document, and may amend it as required (changes will be communicated to all affected parties).
  • We welcome our clients for any sort of suggestion related to the services, all the suggestion will be reviewed accordingly and noted for the revision of Service Level Agreement.