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DevOps Services DDevOps offers wide range of services along with the integration of different DevOps tools to keep your application on continuous path of advancement.


Our IT operations work with best collaboration practice to play significant roles in the development of the application lifecycle.


We automate complete delivery cycle and ensure that your deployments and rollbacks are performed in a click as to minimize risks, increase diversity and productivity.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring detect bugs & issues quickly when it occurs, or before it affects your whole application.

Continuous Integration

The Devops team follows best practices and uses different tools with a collaborative approach to support continuous application integration.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing environment helps developers in balancing the quality and speed along with the error-free code delivery.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is all about leveraging the concept of continuous integration to the whole new level giving you the results with less complexity.

Features and Services We are creating trust between development and operations to increase deployment efficiency and reduce risk, here, developers and operators work together on DevOps shared practices, we have lot to offer to your complex applications and large websites along with the process that can be put into place and repeated without distraction.

Along with all the features in Managed Server(s)...

  • Advanced Monitoring and Statistics
  • Application and Server Optimization
  • Security Assistance and Support
  • Application upgrades and Support
  • Infrastructure Management and Support
  • Proactive Alerts and Support
  • Application Management and Support
  • Database Management and Support
  • DNS Management and Support
  • Email Management and Support
  • Multi Tier Step and Support
  • Multi Location Setup and Support
  • Multi Environment Setup and Support
  • Multi Infrastructure Setup and Support
  • Dedicated, Virtual, Cloud Setup
  • Technical Documentation and Support
  • Load Balancing, High Availability & Clustering
  • Custom configuration and Settings
  • Additional and Custom backups
  • Automation and Custom Scripting
  • Training, taking and Handing Over
  • Security and System Audit
  • Staffing Solution and Dedicated Resource
  • Custom and Dedicated IT Solutions
  • Dedicated Account Owner and Professional Team
  • Chat, Ticketing System & Email Support.
  • Emergency Contact Number and Round the Clock Assistance

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DevOps methodology is a good strategy to adopt and implement as you scale up your IT infrastructure to fulfil the demands of todays business requirements. At DDevOps, we helps in addressing the changes need for your business briskly and provide the end-to-end DevOps support. Our implementation journey gives you solutions that appropriate to your applications, no matter whatever your choice of product is, we do.

DDevOps has realistic approach towards operations, and aware of the facts to treat application accordingly thus we customize the processes to get faster innovation and improved deployment quality.
Backups & Recovery
Staffing Solution
Training & Documentation

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