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    SecOps Enterprise Solutions.

Advance Security Features DevSecOps is the infusion of a security mindset in the execution of secure operations along with agile methods, automation and DevOps practice.

Easy and Quick Deployment

DDevops is to empower you with advance security solutions in no time, our security implementations are quick and easy to deploy, capable enough to keep you secure.

GEO Location and CDN Support

With GEOlocation techniques and CDN, our security services always have better latency, faster response time and fabulous user experience.

Static and Dynamic Caching

DDevops security solutions have built-in static and dynamic caching mechanism for serving your content, caching data improve performance and response time.

Cost Effective Solutions

DDevops provides cost effective security services, so you will have more efficient development and deployment of software applications along with ultimate security features.

Ultimate Protection

DDevops provides the ultimate front-line protection for your applications. We make use of stat of the art tools and technologies to create more secure environments with better security practice.

24/7 Mitigation Support

Full time support of security team along with proactive monitoring to maintain server and application health, so you go relax about security, vulnerabilities, external or internal threads.

Advance Security Services DDevops recommend to get yourself protected right from the start with our cost effective solutions that ensure best security operations, agile security techniques and compiled security platform.

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Secure DNS

    DDevOps Secure DNS is a world class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution allow you to handle 100 million queries or legitimate request per month, it has amazing global network along with industry leading DNS expertise and GEO capabilities that help to protect and redirect the traffic or queries to different servers, environment & proxies as needed.

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Application Firewall

    Application Firewall design to filter web server traffic through security set of rules that check incoming requests and block that do not comply or malicious, it catches SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting(XSS), directory traversal, or other malicious connections related to HTTP/HTTPS protocol. The system also contain basic DDos filter that prevent from basic DDos attacks as well.

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DDos Protection

    DDevOps is competent to provide most helpful DDOS protection service. Our mitigation centers and partners are backed by platforms that have abilities to defeat most difficult & complex attacks. We offer upto 10 Gbps and 1 Million PPS protection against UDP, TCP & Sync Flood along with Web Application Firewall for your business, be more proactive towards all possible online threads.

SecOps Enterprise Solutions

With DDevOps, SecOps enterprise solutions align in a perfect way to introduce you to new DevSecOps approach, we provide different SaaS based solutions combined as ‘Security as a Service’, to get ultimate protection against different type of security thread, like we audit your site(s) with the knowledge of ethical hackers, we check your applications and servers for different type of vulnerabilities along with top 10 OWASP security risk, we setup and centralized credentials protection, we do security management, we evaluate internal and external threads, we filter traffic for good, we protect you from malicious connections like SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting(XSS), directory traversal and DDos, we got proactive systems that trigger, and we are ready to give you the complete enterprise security solutions for your application & server as per your requirement.


  • Upto 300 Gbps DDOS Protection
  • 10 Million Packet Per Second Protection
  • UDP, TCP, ICMP, SYN and HTTP Flood Protection
  • Protection against HTTP/HTTPS, XML RPC, Bandwidth Leeching, Botnet etc
  • Application and Infrastructure Security Audit

Deep inspection of security layers provides a full suite of security controls and defence. Our keen security inspection integrates protection through several ways. We give automated application control supports to give you the protection whenever you need it.

We at, DDevops utilizes the deep inspection technology to identify and filter malicious threads through automatic learning and knowledge system gain while performing deep inspections. This will improve the capability to provide more robust and dynamic protection.

Rapid Response and Implementation
Our security implementations are quick and easy to deploy, it hardly take 30 minutes to implement our security plans on top of any infrastructure along with rapid response time of 30 minutes.
100+ GBPs Protection
24/7/365 Support
Multiple Mitigation Network

Wants to automate your Infrastructure on cloud