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Developers and Dedicated DevOps

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Developers and Dedicated DevOps

DevOps is not just committing code once it has passed through unit tests. DevOps methodology is adopting the benefits of DevOps best practices, tools, and pipeline, which means you are supporting the operational life cycle of application to repeat the processes that kick into gear after CI/CD, doing DevOps as a developer means you need to look at how your code needs to work with other’s code.

What dependencies are there? Are others going to be using this code?

How team builds automation tests for this?

Will this be tested in during interrogation?

Can we reproduce the environment to test the code?

Is this code secure? How we prevent incidents in the development process?

Once you start thinking of these things, DevOps will help all these processes automatically happen for you.

Dedicated DevOps is here to help developers to adopt the way of thinking with resources focused on DevOps to DevSecOps.

So where do you start?

Best practices:

With an agile mindset, it brings in best practices for project management, including methodologies like Scrum, user stories, and daily stand-up. Once the project is set up, DevOps practitioners focus on continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). Dedicated DevOps helps teams to monitor and operate software improvement continuously along with high uptime and security.


Tools are handy with practices to help teams excel. When we talk about DevOps toolchain, we should focus and look for tools that improve collaboration, monitoring, introduce automation, and leverage observability. Dedicated DevOps recommend an open, highly integrated toolchain so developers can choose the best way that enable their workflows.


Developers are usually familiar with the basics of CI/CD, but building a pipeline is more than merging frequent updates. It incorporates a continuous approach to conducting multiple tests throughout the workflow, includes continuous feedback, continuous monitoring, and operations. Everything is continuous with the Dedicated DevOps pipeline.


Incidents happen, face it. The mindset focused on preventing all incidents does not work here, CI/CD practices mean that teams can code faster, and roll back changes easier. Today, “mean-time-to-recovery”, and “mean-time-to-discovery” mainly focused. Comprehensive and continuous monitoring enables Dedicated DevOps teams to monitor system health to prevent incidents, catch and remediate them faster, even before it reaches production.


Automation is essential for all phases of the operational lifecycle of the application. Developers want to spend more time coding and less time updating progress, and operations wants more uptime and fewer bugs. Dedicated DevOps helps both to accomplish their goals!


Are we successful with DevOps? Key metrics would be a lead time for changes, failure rate, CI/CD frequency, and mean time to rollback. With developers, Dedicated DevOps deploy faster, with higher quality, and maintain higher availability.

Additional Term


Regular patching is not enough for vulnerabilities after a software update is released or cleaning up a breach from an attacker. Security must be applied throughout the software development lifecycle to ensure that security is a built-in feature of the product. The term DevSecOps brings development, operations, and security tools and practices altogether. It advised for everyone involved in the process, and especially for Dedicated DevOps to have a security-focused mindset, instead of tackling risk in the end.

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