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Continuous Development Operations for Continuous Advancement

15Years’ Experience in IT Services

Evolved into DevOps

DDevOps offers a wide range of IT services to handle operational requirements along with CICD Solution to keep you on a continuous path of advancement.

We have a lot to offer to your complex infrastructure, application, and large e-commerce store, a complete process that can be put into place and repeats without distraction.
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Prominent DevOps Services


Our IT operations work with the best collaboration practice to play significant roles in the development of the application lifecycle.


We automate the complete delivery cycle and ensure that your deployments and rollbacks are performed in a click to minimize risks, increase diversity, and productivity.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring detects bugs & issues quickly when it occurs, or even before it affects your infrastructure or whole application.

Continuous Testing

The continuous testing environment helps developers in balancing the quality and speed along with the error-free code delivery.

Continuous Integration

The DevOps team follows best practices and uses different tools with a collaborative approach to support continuous application integration.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is all about leveraging the concept of continuous integration to a whole new level giving you the results with less complexity.

Dedicated DevOps Partnered with Top Cloud Providers

Highly optimize web engines for PHP

DDevOps develop web stacks for you, highly tweaked configurations combined with additional security and caching layer that boost up your application performance up to 90% so you could entertain more traffic with a better security and user experience, choose your stack today and evolve from traditional hosting to DDevOps.


PHP Stack design for optimal performance, security, and faster response, secret ingredients combined with Nginx, Varnish, Redis, PHP, OpCache, Apache, MySQL, Memcached along with highly optimized configurations.

PHP Stack design to deliver optimal performance, faster response and security, secret ingredients combined with Nginx, Varnish, Redis, PHP, OpCache, Apache, MySQL, Memcached along with optimized configurations.


JAVA Stack highly configured for better security and performance, secret ingredients combined with Nginx, Redis, Elasticache, Tomcat, MySQL/PostgresSQL, Memcached to deliver faster response time.


MEAN Stack special configuration gives the performance that speeds up and secures the application, secret ingredients combined with Nginx, Node, Angular, NPM, MySQL/PostgresSQL, or MongoDB, Redis and Memcached.

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per month
  • Server & Application Administration
  • Server & Application Monitoring
  • Alerts, Notifications & Basic Statistics
  • Security Updates & Patching
  • Configuration Assistance
  • Tweak & Optimization
  • Backup & Data Recovery
  • Migration Assistance
  • Versioning & Git Integrations
  • Emails & DNS Management
  • Multiple Environment Support
  • Multi-tier Steps and Support
  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • Round the Clock Emergency Assistance
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Starts from...
per month
  • All In Basic DevOps Services
  • Pro-active Monitoring & Professional Statistics
  • Premium Web-Stack (PHP, JAVA & MEAN)
  • Application & Server Optimization
  • Security Assistance & Support
  • Application upgrades & Support
  • Auto Healing Service
  • Server & Application Optimization
  • Multiple Infrastructure Support
  • Migration Assistance & DR Drills
  • CI/CD Configuration & Support
  • Dedicated Account Owner
  • Chat & Email Support or Ticketing System
  • Round the clock Assistance
Starts from...
per month
  • All In Basic & Professional Services
  • Premium Support & Monitoring
  • CI/CD Pipeline for Deployment
  • Automation & Custom Scripting
  • Advance Security Assistance & Support
  • High Availability Setup & Support
  • Third Party Integration and Support
  • Workshops & Training
  • Security and System Audit
  • Dedicated Staffing Solution
  • Custom or Dedicated IT Solutions
  • Phone, Chat & Email Support or Ticketing System
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Round the Clock Support & Emergency Assistance

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